Web Design Services

Professional Website Designers

Are you looking to create a website to help increase your online presence and engage your target audience? We are a small savvy team of passionate & professional website designers based in Tropical North Queensland, helping local businesses grow with modern & eye-catching branded designs.

Web Design Packages

Our mission is to fuel growth & confidence with our clients through custom website design. With years of experience, we have formed a small group of professional website & graphic designers offering packages to suit everyone’s needs.

Savvy Business

Custom web design perfect for start-up or established businesses.
Responsive website design
Full custom design
Content Management System
Multiple page options
Video training
& more

Savvy Commerce

Ecommerce websites stores for those who want sell online.
Easy self-managed
Custom web design
Cart & check
Online payments
& more

Savvy Lease

Cost-effective subscription for those who don’t want an upfront cost.
No upfront cost
Templated designs
Custom branding
Mobile responsive
& more

Why build with Savvy?

Passion Driven

We are powered by passion and with each website built, we help another client grow.


With over 6 years of experience, our web design company is continuously growing.

Custom Web Design

Our team of graphic designers & professional website designers work together to create an art piece for your branding.

Mobile Responsive

Every design is tested and responsive on tablet & mobile devices to ensure user experience for your viewers.

Content Management System

Built on a easy to learn, drag & drop system, you can take things into your own hands. Video training available.


No Hidden Fees

We provide all your upfront & on-going fees so there are no hidden costs.

Website Design Services include:


FREE project consultation to ensure we understand your business needs


Reliable and fast web hosting solution


Friendly team support through email or phone to make the process stress free


Secured SSL certificate


Custom branding to express and match your business


Basic SEO configuration to help kickstart your online presence


Automatic backups & software updates to keep your site up with the online world


Image optimisation for fast loading website designs


30 day warranty from launch where we will make minor changes, fix glitches & fix display issues for free during this period


Access to our free video tutorial library online


Basic SEO configuration to help kickstart your online presence

Extra’s & Add-ons

Create a website to your needs. We offer extra’s & add-ons available by us and our partners to get you everything you need.


Domain registration (your custom URL)


Email set up (Google workspace & Microsoft 365)




Marketing Automation


Graphic Design




Advanced SEO




How do your Web Design Service work?

We will first start by collecting information from you to give us an idea of what website you need for your business. We will usually ask you to fill out our quick online brief, followed up with a meeting. Once the project is confirmed, it’s time to create a website! We will collect content from you including images, information, contact etc to begin the web build. During the process, we will build, edit, test & send you revisions to give feedback on adjustments if needed. Once you are happy with your professional website and testing is complete, we will launch your site where it will be accessible to the online world!

Can I give feedback on the website design while it’s being built?

Yes. All website design services include revisions where you can check and send us feedback on changes or updates that need to be made. Scope of changes can depend on which package you are on.

What is web maintenance & are there on-going fees for this?

Website maintenance is relevant to WordPress sites and is a term used when updates for your themes, plugins & major WordPress are complete when new updates are released. This fee is optional but highly recommended to avoid hacks or website issues that may incur costly fixtures in the future. Usually, website designers and developers offer a monthly plan to complete these updates for you.

Our monthly fee can start from $35/month depending on your package which goes towards your hosting plan, maintenance updates (only applicable to WordPress websites) and the running of your site.

Website designs built in 2021 or after will be on our new platform which also have a monthly fee starting at $29/month.

Do i need to register my domain?

Yes. All websites need a Domain which is your URL (www.savvylittlefreelancer.com). If you have your domain registered elsewhere, we will need access to some information. Alternatively, you can register your domain with us as an add-on!

Will my website show on Google?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the termed used when you work on getting your website to show on the first page of search engines like Google. We apply basic SEO to your website so your website is always accessible and recognised by search engines. Although, if your priority is to show on the first page of Google, it is recommended to look into our extra SEO services offered by our partnering business.

What are your on-going fees?

Depending on which website package you choose, on-going fees can start at $29 per month.

This fee includes your running your website and hosting.
There are no other on-going fees directly with us unless you have:

  • your domain registered with us which will involve a yearly fee starting at $25/year*
  • optional WordPress maintenance which is only applicable to wordpress websites
  • Any extra add-on on-going services

How can I make content updates to my website?

You will have access to your website dashboard where you can make any updates and changes to the content. Free videos are available to assist you. Alternatively, touch base with the Savvy team and help you make any changes on a Custom Quote.

How can I get a Quote?

Please head to our website brief found on our contact page or click here to message us directly!